Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Malaysia has been known as a fascinating country with diversity of attractions.  The unique multiracial community of Malay, Chinese, Indians and others including the ethnic groups of Portuguese, Dutch, Thailand and indigenous communities of Sabah and Sarawak lives in harmony.  Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H/MMSH) is an initiative by the  Government of Malaysia to encourage citizens of other countries to enjoy a Long Term Stay in Malaysia.  Participants are granted with a ten (10) years Social Visit Pass and Multiple Entry Visa to facilitate their stay in Malaysia.  It is renewable every ten (10) years.
The programme are open to all foreign citizen recognized by Malaysia regardless of age, gender and religion whom meet certain criteria to stay and live in Malaysia with their family.  Each applicant can bring along their spouse or spouses for Muslim, children of below 21 years old and not married and also immediate parents of the applicant.
Prior to the application, the applicant must be able to show proof of the following :-
i) Age below 50 years old                                       
Applicant must be able to show proof liquid assets of RM500,000 and monthly income of RM10,000.00 per month in equivalent after the conversion of rates from anywhere in the world.
ii) Age above 50 years old
Applicant must be able to show proof liquid assets of RM350,000 and monthly income of RM10,000.00 per month in equivalent after the conversion of rates from anywhere in the world.
Why Malaysia

  1. Political and economical stability that ultimately contribute to a success and relatively safe environment to stay.
  2. Comparatively low cost of living and high standard of living that stretches against their revenue or income from overseas
  3. A developed infrastructure and communications system with modern and basic amenties offers a competitive and healthy environment for staying.
  4. Tropical weather throughout the years offers and ideal place for living.
  5. Modern healthcare facilities and international schools caters the needs of foreign citizen’s children.
  6. Allows them to own residential properties whether freehold or leasehold in accordance with the state guidelines.
  7. English and several other Asian languages are widely spoken.
  8. Investment friendly environment.


Why MM2H/MMSH - Incentives Offered

Entry Into Malaysia
Provides an easy access into Malaysia subject to validity of Social Visit Pass, Multiple Entry Visa and validity of passport
Car Tax Waiver
Each participant is allowed to bring in one personal car owned before joining MM2H programme or  purchase a locally assembled vehicle.  Both tax waiver need to be obtained from Ministry of Finance.
Tax-Free Income From Abroad
All income and revenue remitted into Malaysia are exempted from tax.
Domestic Helper
Each applicant is allowed to apply for one maid subject to the prevailling guidelines of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
Participant’s children that intend to continue their schooling in Malaysia will be given a Student Pass.
Participant is allowed to participate actively in Malaysian business subject to the
government regulations on setting up business in Malaysia.
Only upon approval and receiving Conditional Letter of Approval, applicants are required to fulfill the Financial and Medical Requirements.
Financial Requirement

Aged below 50 years
Open a fixed deposit of RM300,000.00 in any financial institution in Malaysia.  After a period of one year, participant may apply to withdraw a sum of RM150,000.00 for approved expenses relating to purchase of house, children’s education in Malaysia and medical expenses.
A minimum of RM150,000.00 need to be maintained throughout the programme.
Aged above 50 years
Must open a fixed deposit of RM150,000.00 in any financial institution in Malaysia.  After a perid of one year, participant may apply to withdraw a sum of RM50,000.00 for approved expenses as above.  A minimum of RM100,000.00 need to be maintain throughout the programme.
For those who are receiving approved funds as government pension fund which equivalent to RM10,000.00 per month can be considered as proof of monthly off-shore income by providing relevant supporting documents.
Medical Requirement
There are two (2) medical requirement of which are:-
Medical Report - Approved participants and their dependents are required to submit a medical report from any private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia.
Medical Insurance - Approved participants and their dependents must possess a valid medical insurance coverage from any insurance company that is applicable in Malaysia.